So I got complains about my BauCuaCaCop game doesn’t work on iPad. Well the reason is my game was written in Flash and IOS browser doesn’t support Flash. So I just Googling for Flash to HTML5 and voila Google has a Beta called Swiffy that does just that.
I used Google Swiffy and convert the BauCuaCaCop game in SWF format to HTML5 and it seem to work fine. Well, not entirely but it’s better than rewrite the game for HTML5 from scratch.
You can find Google Swiffy here

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Win8 Metro

Win8 short cuts and hints

Do you get intimidated with new Win8 Metro interface? Don’t know how to start your favorite command prompt programs?
Don’t be worry, Win8 has a powerful built-in search tool that help you locate and start any program instantly. All you do is just type in whatever you are looking for at the Metro interface and the list of matching programs, documents, emails, or whatever will appeared.

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Some time I wish

Some time I wish whatever I think in my head can just be posted in this blog instantly. I’m a lazy guy that just want to get thing done easily. So whenever an idea came up, I just want to post it right away before the inspiration fade away.
I’m mostly get inspired to write early in the morning. The thought of having to get out from my warm bed, turn on the computer, and wait for it to be ready, just make me say forget it. Maybe next time. Is this sound reasonable?
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